Nutrition Planning

A Personalized, Integrative Approach to Your Nutrition & Health

Are you struggling to make the right food choices? Or maybe you want to get healthier, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the diet & nutrition advice online.

We get to the root cause of your health concerns. We offer functional nutrition testing (the kind you can’t get from your doctor) including hormone & cortisol testing, food sensitivity testing and stool testing. We also gather information about your diet, body composition, exercise patterns, stress levels, sleep quality, nutrient status, medical history, digestive concerns and more!

Jumpstart your weight loss. Get your energy back, and begin your journey to a healthier and confident new you! Our mission is to bring energy and health back to people’s lives and help them live at full potential.

Find the Perfect Nutritional Balance Your Body Needs

Our specially designed nutrition program and personal planning use the latest research to help facilitate better health naturally, prevent disease and turn the body’s biological clock to a more youthful place.

Let our experts help you develop a safe nutrition plan that meets your needs with medical supervision. We help you make sense of nutrition with easy to follow plans. Get medical guidance on nutrition no matter what your medical needs or goals. Live an overall healthier life with a nutritional plan made just for you.

Whether you need a diet focused on muscle growth, or a diet focused on weight loss, or even a nutritional plan to supplement a medical treatment and increase your body’s regenerative power, we have the experienced professionals to help you get started on your journey towards a healthier you.

Here’s how we can help:

  • IBS nutritional plans
  • Celiac Disease / Ulcerative Colitis Nutritional Plans
  • Nutritional Plans for persons with unknown food allergies
  • Nutritional Plans for Diabetes Patients
  • Weight Loss Nutritional Plans
  • Nutritional Plans for Weight Gain
  • Nutritional Plans for Kids
  • Nutritional Plans for Athletes

Schedule an Appointment for Nutrition Planning at our Clinic in Cedar Park

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